• Our Story - Robyn & Wendy, revive wellness mentoring nutrition
  • Our Story - Robyn & Wendy, revive wellness mentoring nutrition

With one of us reeling from a break-up and the other hurtling towards one, we found ourselves looking at each other across the smallest room in the entire retreat centre. This was 2005 and we had both just signed up for a month long of intensive yoga training.

“My first impression of Robyn was that she looked like Yoga Barbie, as she was decked out in head to toe pink, with a matching pink Lululemon bag and mat.
She said,   ‘Hi, my name is Robyn’, and that’s where our story begins.”
Wendy Akune, Co-Founder

We survived what we affectionately refer to as ‘yoga camp’ and soon we were both single – which let to many nights of conversation and wine.  We discovered we had more in common than yoga and conversation: cooking, our love for nature and the great mystery of existence.

Time marched on but we always stayed connected, throughout partner changes and apartment changes. One of the partner/apartment changes led to us living in the same Kits house.

“One of the best gifts I’ve ever received, was one day when I came home to the Kits house where Wendy and I both lived. I found a tray of hot Thai food waiting for me at my apartment door, complete with a fresh flower, for the celebration of my February birthday . . . in June. ! Wendy had cooked up some pad thai complete with all the garnishes.  I felt so cared for, and part of a community.”
Robyn Ellingson, Co-Founder

Robyn continued educating herself in yoga therapeutics and movement, while Wendy attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, obtaining her certificate in Natural Nutrition.

“In spring of 2011 Robyn participated in my 21 Day Cleanse Challenge.  She offered so much in the group sessions that when I decided to revamp my business I talked to her about creating the recipes and menu plan for my cleanse.”

Before you knew it we were embarking on something much bigger.

We present to you revive wellness mentoring nutrition, and hope you allow us to help educate and motivate you, to achieve your lifestyle goals.