robyn_photobin-01-webAlways active, I morphed from a marathon-running, gym ‘rat’, corporate gal to a yoga teacher in 2005.  I began my holistic journey through teaching yoga in studios around Vancouver. As my ongoing education and training shifted towards therapeutic work and anatomy, it initiated a change in the the way I looked at teaching yoga;  I gradually shifted from teaching large public classes to smaller groups and finally to teaching privately to individuals and couples.

When I began to teach private sessions only, it enabled me to focus on helping individuals feel better, stronger and more vibrant. I quickly realized that nutrition plays a key role in both mental and physical health, and have been studying nutrition ever since.

As a woman in my forties, I’m beginning to truly understand the changes that women’s bodies go through and the hormonal landscapes that we navigate. As a yogini, I’m constantly using my own body as a laboratory to experiment with nutrition and exercise, striving for balance at a time when it can be elusive. It is my hope that this will help me serve and understand my clients better. Of all the cleanses, fasting protocols, and nutrition regimes that I have studied and practiced, I consider the revive21 program to be an attainable ‘middle path’. It’s a simple method that can help people initiate lasting lifestyle changes.

I am passionate about helping others create more ease in their lives. Eat nutritionally dense food, build and keep muscle mass, stay flexible and thankful – this is how to create sustainable health.

My personal goal is to LIVE to an old age, and by ‘live’ I mean being mobile, mentally sharp and pain-free, enabling me to participate in and maintain healthy and supportive relationships with those around me. While I strive to reach and experience this goal, it is my aim to tread lightly on the earth and to maintain awareness of the inter-connectedness of all matter, thought and energy.

My ‘outside’ interests include, being outdoors, growing things, exploring new lands, textiles, looking at art, making art, Vedic philosophy, and Ayurveda.

Jai, Jai Maa!

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