revive wellness mentoring nutrition provides dietary and lifestyle education and support for individuals and groups. revive offers programs and services to facilitate lasting changes, resulting in a positive impact in the health and wellness of our clients.

In our clinical practice we have found that what people find most challenging is not absorbing the information, but understanding how to apply it. revive provides practical tools that enable clients to integrate knowledge into practice. When people begin a revive program they receive knowledge, support, community and tools – in person and here on this site – allowing them to successfully reach their diet and lifestyle goals.

Artha, Dharma, and Karma are Sanskrit words describing three of the four goals of life, as outlined in the Vedas, ancient scriptures from India. The fourth Goal is Moksha, meaning liberation.

Mission (Artha – what we do for a living)

To promote vibrant health and adventurous living through educating and motivating individuals to make life-enhancing choices.

Vision (Dharma – our purpose for living)

Recognizing the interconnectedness of all, we inspire individuals to support the well-being of our communities and Earth by creating health in body, mind and spirit.

Core Values & Beliefs (Karma – how we live)

  • Authenticity – we speak and live our truth.
  • Balance – our bodies are innately intelligent and striving towards homeostasis.
  • Ahimsa – we are non-harming in thought and action, with respect to ourselves, others and the Earth.
  • Compassion – we put ourselves in the position of others and try to see from their perspective.
  • Listening – we are receptive, hearing what clients are telling us physically, emotionally and with their words.
  • Acceptance – we recognize everyone is on their own journey and we allow him/her to live it.
  • Awareness – we use all of our faculties to receive information about the true nature of things.
  • Connection – we recognize that we are all interrelated; and that our actions, thoughts, and words affect all others.
  • Heart-centred – we balance our intellect with our emotional wisdom.
  • Dharma – we live our purpose.

Community Involvement

revive wellness mentoring nutrition stands for positive change. We recognize and are committed to the sacred relationship we have with each other and with all of nature. As revive wmn evolves we aim to work with organizations to bring about healing for those that are in need.

Please let us know if you are an organization, charity or non-profit that shares our values. We are excited to do our part to maintain a compassionate world for all.

“Transform the world by transforming yourself”

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