Wendy Akune, Co-Founder of revive wellness mentoring nutritionAs a young girl, growing up on the North Shore I knew that I would always follow my heart, only I never knew where it would lead me.  Well, it led me a lot of places and I am so thankful that I have arrived at where I am today.   The journey I began with yoga many years ago was a starting point that directed me towards wellness, inspiring me to  become a nutritionist in 2008.  I have recently been able to combine my love for nutrition and yoga with my love of travel.  For the past two years, I have been thrilled to teach nutrition at yoga teacher trainings in Asia and South America.

Part of what I love about what I do is witnessing people make courageous changes in their lives.

Before my work as a yoga teacher and nutritionist, I worked as a youth worker.   It was in this role that I was really able to see the potential for human change.  Many of the girls I worked with had already faced more challenges than most of us will ever face.  And yet, they wanted to make positive changes in their lives.  With perseverance and determination, I watched many stubborn and persistent behaviors transform.

My own journey has also involved changing not-so-healthy engrained habits. For many years, I was a self-described ‘party girl’.  I had a busy social life, did very little cooking, enjoyed rich, luxuriously fattening foods, drank copious amounts of red wine and loved to dance.

Then I found yoga.  Or was it that yoga found me?  Not to say that yoga changed me completely but it did give me a glimpse into another way of being.

The ‘party girl’ in me that still exists is the girl that loves to celebrate life.  While I still love tasty food, I now choose foods that are delicious, make me feel healthy and alive and will keep me dancing for many years to come.

I am so excited to partner with Robyn to bring revive wellness mentoring nutrition to you!


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