“Thank you Wendy and Robyn for sharing this wonderful program with us! revive21 has changed our kitchen in many ways, not the least of which is that Fred is now in it! We enjoy shopping and preparing  our meals together and discovering new healthy super foods! It is fun to see how our taste buds have changed and what we now reach for at the grocery store. The program has enriched not only our diet and our health, but also our marriage.”Fred and Michele

“OMG I am so grateful. I can’t believe how good I feel!!  I’ve woken up with no alarm – early – which had not happened in a long time. I also have so much more energy!!”Karen

“Robyn and Wendy’s revive21 program is awesome.  The magic in it is that you get coaching,  nutritional recipes and a plan to get you through the 21 days that also allows you to be self sufficient afterwards. I have been to nutritionists, cooking classes and have taken many a cleanse but nothing made me feel better than the revive21 program.  The food was tasty,  I was never hungry and I lost ten pounds during the program.  Once the detox of sugar and caffeine withdrawal subsided my girlfriend and I both found that we had a ton of energy from the 4th day onwards.  It was amazing!  On a personal note,  I had been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years and after completing the revive21 program I found out I was pregnant!  Nutrient rich unprocessed foods are so important in our lives!  I have referred friends to their program and they all rave about it.  The benefits are countless and vary depending on your body’s chemistry.  Try it and see what happens. I did and it changed my life.  Thank you Robyn and Wendy.  I will be back for my post natal cleanse.”Lesley A.

“I have known Robyn since 2005 and found her to be knowledgeable, intuitive and committed to helping others. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”Dr. Russell Kennedy, Dr-Russ.com

“This produced incredible results – I lost weight that I’ve easily kept off, my digestive issues cleared up and I was never hungry.”Linda B

“Wendy is an illuminating and engaging teacher. Her knowledge of nutrition spreads far beyond vitamins and minerals and calorie intake to our relationship with food, our environment and our bodies. I would highly recommend Wendy in her capacity as both a nutritionist and a teacher.”Bec May

“Robyn developed a program that has produced some impressive results in overall strength, muscle development and inches lost in a short amount of time. She is a pleasure to have in our home and we appreciate her thoughtful contribution to our efforts in keeping fit and healthy.”Lori & Bob Hodgkinson

“During the week nutrition class, Wendy shared her knowledge with mindfulness and passion; she was talking from her heart and her personal experience and lifestyle too. She made the class interactive and alive and really raised the students awareness about their relationship with food and the impact on our body and mind.”Valerie

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