• revive Cleanse Programs

At the core of revive are our whole food diet programs.

revive21, revive7, rejuvenatereviveAtHome and our reviveAtWork corporate challenge  programs have been designed to help you make the steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Maybe all you need are a few tweaks or perhaps it will be a total overhaul. Either way, we will be that gentle push to make it happen!

What does health look like?

When you are experiencing good health you:

  • have lots of energy
  • get restful sleep
  • have freedom from eczema and other skin conditions
  • have freedom from hay fever and allergies
  • experience even moods
  • maintain an optimal weight
  • move with ease
  • feel physically free in your body
  • feel vibrant, balanced and alive.

We want this to describe you!

Our programs are user-friendly – not only for over-the-top-freaky-health-nuts! That’s probably not who you are, and it’s certainly not us. We know we live in a world of delicious abundance and our lives include socializing, families, special occasions — and definitely chocolate.

We are here to educate and help you to make informed decisions about what you take into your body. revive programs are free of expensive supplements and full of great ideas and ways to motivate you.

Registration Form

Step on the path to wellness today! Once you submit this form, your spot will be reserved. You will then be directed to print out our waiver form which you can send to revive with your payment.

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