Bring the experience of revive21 to your friends in your home. Gather 9 or more of your friends, and your cleanse is free!

reviveAtHome comprises of in-person group meetings at a location of your choice and complete online support with access to the members online lounge and members forum.

First Group Meeting – Education
Your journey begins with an initial meeting where you learn the benefits of cleansing, how to cleanse and what you need to start revive21.

Second Group Meeting – Organize
Before the cleanse begins we will meet at a local grocery store and take you on a grocery tour to prepare you for the following three weeks.

Third Group Meeting – Support
The third meeting is held one to two weeks into your cleanse. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share stories.

members online lounge and forum 
This is a complete package designed give you all the tools you need. You will have access to the revive members online lounge and forum where you will be able reach out to each other participants and to us with questions, or for that extra push when you need it. The members online lounge and forum includes:

• weekly menu plans
• pantry list
• delicious recipes
• daily inspirational blog
• group forum
• cleansing tips

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