Is your team up for a challenge to feel amazing and look great?

An individual’s lifestyle, how they eat, whether they exercise and how they deal with stress affects their health and the health of your business.  When you promote the health of your team members you will see a change in energy, productivity and overall happiness.

Studies have shown that implementing heath programs produce the following benefits:

  • Improved sleep
  • Fewer colds, flus, illness
  • Greater focus and concentration
  • Better able to deal with job stress

Let Wendy and Robyn bring reviveAtWork corporate challenge to your team.  Not only will your team members feel better during the challenge,  they will enjoy watching their body change and feel empowered by the new habits they form. We promote camaraderie, community and endorse delicious foods that won’t feel like deprivation.

We have created this program so that it is attainable for all, even the busiest of individuals. It all begins with one seminar that we deliver onsite. From there, your team will decide who wants to sign up for the challenge. Once the commitment is made, each member will have access to the revive members online lounge and forum. Here, they will find support:

  • Cleanse Guidelines – how and what to do for ultimate energy and wellness
  • Menu Plans – takes the thinking out of ‘what can I eat?’
  • Shopping List – lists make it easy
  • Delicious Recipes – make food that’s so good, no one will know it’s healthy!
  • Inspirational Blog – because it really helps to be motivated
  • Group Forum – ask questions, share your experience, research what others are doing
  • Cleansing Tips – from those of us who have been through this before

Before the challenge begins, your team will have the opportunity to come with us on an informative guided grocery tour.  7-10 days into the reviveAtWork, we meet again to answer any questions, motivate and share success tips.

All meetings are held onsite; we come to you.

reviveAtWork corporate challenge for Charity

Use the reviveAtWork corporate challenge to raise money for the Food Bank or your favourite charity. Generating pledges ($5/day, $10/day) is an effective way to keep cleansers on track and team build as you collect funds for those who are less fortunate – perhaps for those who don’t have access to a nutritious diet.

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