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Access to the revive members online lounge and forum is for clients only.

revive clients have decided to make a lifestyle shift towards amazing health and feeling great. They are people like you who have committed to making dietary changes, with the support of the revive21, rejuvenate, reviveAtHome or reviveAtWork program to ensure their success.

revive clients have access to the following:

  • Program Guidelines – how and what to do for ultimate energy and wellness
  • Menu Plans – takes the thinking out of ‘what can I eat?’
  • Shopping List – lists make it easy
  • Delicious Recipes – make food that’s so good, no one will know it’s healthy!
  • Inspirational Blog – because it really helps to be motivated
  • Group Forum – ask questions, share your experience, research what others are doing
  • Tricks and Tips – from those of us who have been through this before

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