No two of us are alike.  At revive we recognize that you are unique so we have designed our one on one mentoring service to take a closer look at your individual concerns or goals.

Your personalized program includes whole foods, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle recommendations. With the guidance of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, you will learn to take control of your own health through learning new skills and techniques.

renewal – nutrition mentoring package

This total body and wellness approach is designed to provide you with all the support you will need to put the recommendations you receive into practice.

renewal offers:

  • initial assessment and recommendations
  • 2 follow-up sessions to assess changes, review plans and provide new goals
  • Three day menu plan
  • Ongoing mentoring

You will be amazed how making attainable changes in your diet, with guidance and support, will empower you to take care of yourself. You will learn how good it feels to nourish yourself with food, and even more surprised at how tasty it can be too!

If you prefer an a la carte approach

Single sessions include an in-depth assessment to discuss your individual goals and lifestyle patterns. After assessing your diet and understanding any imbalances you will be provided with an individual plan for action.

You will receive:

  • One set of personal, strategic recommendations
  •  Mentoring

Follow-up sessions
As all things in life, health is a continual journey. Follow-up sessions will assess changes, review plans and assignments. They provide continued support and accountability towards attaining your goals.

You will receive:

  • One set of re-targeted recommendations
  • Ongoing  mentoring

If you wish for extra support and attention, revive offers a monthly program – rejuvenate – combining nutrition mentoring and yoga/personal training. This is an immersion to help you get on track. We will be meeting with you two to four times a week to ensure your success and meet your health goals. With rejuvenate, there is little opportunity to stray from you wellness goals.

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