• revive Yoga and Fitness

Private Instruction in Your Home – Yoga, Resistance Training, Cardio

Any way you slice it, this program is just for you, designed with you in mind. Our background in yoga, therapeutics, running, nutrition, alignment and ongoing self-study of the latest findings in fitness, movement and mind/body science will come into play as we create a workout or yoga session specifically for you. If you have been ‘too busy’ to get your workouts in, this is the way to do it – we design the session and come to your home. All you have to do is be prepared to focus on being in the moment.

You will be motivated, challenged and energized. You will feel great, sleep better and yes, you will see the physical proof of all your dedication in the way your clothes fit and the compliments you get.

Working out with a partner is a powerful motivation tool. You don’t have to be at the same fitness level – you will both be challenged as sessions can be designed to challenge differing abilities. We have worked with husband/wife, mother/daughter, and small groups of friends Of course pets are encouraged to watch from the sidelines.

Sessions are held in your home or office – you don’t need much space or any equipment, although we can use any you have. Your investment will range from $76 – $125 per session depending on how many times per week you are dedicating to your self and whether it is one or two of you participating.

If you wish for extra support and attention, revive offers a monthly program – rejuvenate – combining nutrition mentoring and yoga/personal training. This is an immersion to help you get on track. We will be meeting with you two to four times a week to ensure your success and meet your health goals. With rejuvenate, there is little opportunity to stray from you wellness goals.

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